jmonroe (jmonroe) wrote,

Catching Up

For nearly one year, David and I have lived in Colorado. Upon our arrival in December, 2007, we moved in with my mother and my youngest sister. That was our living situation until February, when we moved in with a good friend of ours near the Colorado Springs airport. David searched frantically to be employed for nearly seven months. I remained at home of course, facing three illnesses in six months. We've finally settled in an unincorporated area south of Denver. We chose this home when David became employed. He was commuting sixty-two miles (one way) to work each day.

In January I experienced my first migraine, no doubt brought on by the stress of our sudden relocation. The doctor in the Emergency room believed I was having a stroke, and so I was admitted to the hospital for three days. In may, I awoke in the middle of the night with back pain. I could not move, and David drove me to the Hospital. In the Emergency room, I was told that my kidneys were failing. So, I stayed there for seven days. I recovered fully. Apparently it was a result of medications I was taking that interacted improperly. In July, just after we relocated to South Metro, I was diagnosed with Diabetes (II). I was not surprised, as I had been feeling like crap for months. On November 20, I fell down a flight of icy steps at my apartment complex. My feet went out in front of me and I landed on a stair on my back. Initially it was believed that I fractured the L5 vertebra, however MRI's later disproved that theory. I am undergoing physical therapy, and it is definitely helping.

We adopted a dog and a cat when we moved to our new home in South Metro. Our dog, a five year old Chihuahua, who had been stray, is "Honor". He enjoys lots of attention and is never far from my side. He loves to sit and watch TV with me and sleeps in-between us each night. The kitten, who we adopted at eight weeks, is "Chuck E. Love". He has had a lot of fun jumping through mini blinds to get to window sills. Recently he was neutered and de-clawed. Still wearing the Elizabethan collar to protect him from himself, he continues to lick the inside of the cone, as if he is grooming himself. He gets a post-surgery check up in a few days, and then the vet will remove the collar.

After three and one-half years into my "marriage", I feel that I am finally learning what it takes to feel content. I simply must accept situations as they are...learning what I can and cannot change...praying for wisdom to know the difference. This is my key to happiness. And I really am happy.

Last night, I awoke in the early morning to find David running a temp of 101.2 degrees. He has complained of his stomach hurting - but "not like the flu". I am wondering if I should take him to the get checked out. Well, i'll know when the morning breaks over the prairies in the East.
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