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Things are still up in the air

Last week, David had a final interview with a division of the state of Colorado. We should know by Wednesday whether he got the job. In any case, the job would be a contract position, renewable this summer. I hope for something more permanent, but anything at this point will work.

I have considered the option of seeking employment if David's job with the state doesn't come through. A month ago, I spoke with a flight attendant recruiter at a major airline. They said the only thing holding me back was the lack of a passport, which I have all the papers for, but not the $100 to get one.

This is something that I really want to do. But we would have to relocate to my assigned domicile if I get the job. The position with this particular airline would place me in Newark, NJ. It's expensive to live on the East Coast! But David might be able to find a job more easily in New York City, and I would be gone often on trips. I've discussed this with him, and he seems supportive.

It's a scary prospect to go back to work after seven years. But I feel ready to do it.
Tags: airline, colorado springs, interview, job, new jersey, new york city, newark, passport
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