jmonroe (jmonroe) wrote,


Valley of the Dolls as signed by Jackie Susann did not come in the mail today. I found out that it's actually being mailed today and will be here by Monday or Tuesday. Bill had to take some extra time with the restoration of the dust jacket, which was shot to hell. It should improve the value of the book a bit.

I am very excited about a Christmas Card that I found on ebay. It was a card from the Nixons- signed by all four of them. The blurb said it was hand signed. Time will tell if it was hand signed, and if it was, if they were secretarial or not. I got a pretty good deal on it. I ended up paying half of my maximum bid. It's actually quite an attractive card featuring a color photo of the Nixons with their signatures in a space below the picture. The inside reads: "Best Wishes For The Christmas Season From The Richard Nixons". It's probably from some time in the mid-1960's. Sometime after his run for Governor in California in 1962 and his election to the Presidency in 1968.

I'll let whomever reads this know what the outcome of having that one authenticated and appraised is.

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