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Long Day

It's been a long one. I ran around to several places on errands this morning and happened to stop home in between two places to catch the Cilco guy who needed to change the gas meter and relight a few pilots in the house. He gave me instructions on how to clean the stove so that the burners would light themselves again. It's actually kind of cool....each burner has it's own pilot light. Very outdated, but it still works after vigorous cleaning!

Marisa helped me clean the furnace filters- there are four of them....two stainless steel mesh and two electronic elements. The mesh filters were caked with crud which had to be first vacuumed off and then agitated through water. I had tried peeling the crud was like pulling lint off of the lint filter of a dryer....ewwwwwww.

I have the front room clear of clutter and a television set up in there now. Tonight I need to set up the cable box for the TV as well. Also I need to deep clean the room.

I am anxiously awaiting the return of my signed copy of Valley of The Dolls in the mail from Galena. I had it appraised. Let's say that for buying it for $5, we did really well. I love collecting signed stuff, I just hope I can continue to do so.

Tomorrow- well tomorrow there are no definite plans, except for a meeting that I may or may not go to in the AM. I may stay home and clean. Oh and wait on the mail.

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