jmonroe (jmonroe) wrote,

A New Day For Those Good Old Dreams

Things seem to be looking up today. I have a get together at the Wednesday place at 11:00AM. And then I have lunch with friends from about 12:00PM - 1:00PM. After that it's off to Pekin for a job interview at 2:00PM. I am holding a good thought for myself. I hope everyone else is too.

Last night, Joe came by and fixed the wheel that was falling off of the car. He only had to take the whole brake assembly off of the wheel assembly! Hehe. It was not an easy job. Some of the bolts were on so tight that he had to heat them first with a blow torch and even then some weren't budging. PLus he did this at night, getting done at 10:00PM He was a God send. After he was done, I had to get him back to Washington. Now, I'll have a way to get back and forth to Pekin if I need to- i.e. if I get the job.

I did a ton of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. It looks good. Soon I am going to have to paint the rest of the cabinets. I believe the color is named buttercup or something like that...anyway it's yellow and it contrasts nicely with the cobalt blue light fixtures in both the kitchen and dining room.

I went to the Post Office on Monday and forwarded me mail back to Peoria. I had to call mom to pick up my mail from my last landlord. I am hoping some autographs are in the pile!

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