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Sleepless Night

Everything is going fairly well. I have planned to move to David's mom's house in Normal on February 3. I think it's a nice idea to start over fairly fresh. I, for some reason keep comparing myself to Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Like Season 1's theme song states: "You're gonna make it after all!" And that's an empowering feeling.

I've been staying in contact with several of the actors from "United 93." The first, who played a passenger on the flight, wrote me a two page, single-spaced typed letter in response to my request for an autograph and a few thoughts on his character. He included the first day's call sheet from the set, and even called me from England to talk. I was blown away. The next guy, also in England, played one of the terrorists- he wrote me a nice handwritten note back on my original letter and sent a signed head shot. On my birthday he wished me Happy Birthday on Myspace- which I thought was kind. The third actor from the film I have had contact with played one of the flight attendants.

Tonight I wrote to the first guy in England asking him if he ever plans to visit the temporary memorial site in Pennsylvania. I also wrote to the the actress asking her about wardrobe related information. This is something I tried to do with the guy in England, but he wasn't sure what the wardrobe department did with all of the costumes. Hopefully I'll get an answer soon about it.

The Director, Paul Greengrass, is up for an Academy Award for "United 93." I think he is rather deserving, but then I am biased. I feel it's going to be one of the most important American films or the decade. I think it will be remembered by generations to come.

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