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Psi Phi Newbie Explores Uncharted Terriitory With Lover

Well kids, no, I didn't get to read the Gates McFadden biography while listening to "Intergalactic Planetary" tonight. Instead, I went to the final Psi Phi meeting of the semester with students from Bradley University and my boyfriend, David. Althought at times it closely resembled The Jerry Springer Show, it had some wonderful highlights, like cute jokes from another gay boy named Roo, which incidentally makes me think of The Golden Girls, althought his name is spelled differently, but anyway... What I really enjoyed was spending time with my boyfriend.

Video highlights of the evening included The Muppet Show episode, undated, featuring Mark Hamill, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Very entertaining and cute. I was also very awestruck by the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although the only one with a good voice was Sarah Michelle Gellar, I hear Alyson Hannigan plays a mean flute.

As a new member of Psi Phi, I thought I'd jump on the opportunity to contact Kathleen Hughes, star of 1953's It Came from Outer Space when I'm in L.A. this summer, to acquire an autograph for the Psi Phi office. I met her last August, along with her husband, Stanley Rubin, at a memorial function for Marilyn Monroe. Kathleen was extremely kind to me, as was her husband, and they both had only good things to say about working with Monroe. I realize that "Outer Space" may be a B-movie, but if these hadn't been created in the 1950's, we wouldn't have the slick science fiction films we have today. I'm excited to possibly see her again.

My work on David's kitchen begins tomorrow morning. I brought up to him the possibility of painting the kitchen to match the china I bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I'm giving the china to him as a gift for the redecoration of his home. The china was made in the 1960's in West Germany, and the pattern is titled "Galaxy". Very retro. It'll go perfect in the house. The color we're matching is a minty green; it should brighten up the kitchen and make it more of a gathering space.

I'm excited to be transforming this huge room that he has into a more functional workspace for me. I told him that I have an entire week's menu planned. I hope he likes the meals I have on my list. Time will tell.

I can't believe that it's 3:30 in the morning. I feel geared up and tired at the same time.

My apartment stands undecorated and mostly empty. Is there any point in going to any length to make it feel more like home? David understands why I feel this way. He hit the nail on the head yesterday morning at breakfast. Sometimes I can feel like he can read right past my eyes into my soul. So, what should I do? Just leave the pictures off the walls, and the rooms unfurnished? I hope that's the answer.
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