jmonroe (jmonroe) wrote,

I'm Walking On Sunshine Whoa Oh!

Today, I had my interview in Pekin. Everything seemed to go well. I'm up for two different jobs, so that can only increase my chances of getting hired. Tomorrow morning, I have the Thursday meeting at 10:30. After that, I will stop by the post office on University to send two items. The first item is my Colorado cell phone, which I'm returning to my mom. The second item, a signed copy of Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls, will go to Main Street Fine Books
& Manuscripts for authentication of the signature and appraisal of the piece itself.

The dust jacket on the book is shot, and the book is somewhat dusty. Also, it's a fifth printing, so it will not be as valuable as a signed first edition. I hope to get a good appraisal on it, though.

I need to get into a good book.-something like historical biography. I have a ton of those.

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